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Sandy McTier Designs


I currently resides in Georgia with my wonderful husband and three amazing boys.
Through my husband’s military service we’ve been fortunate to travel the world and live in some amazing countries like Japan, Iceland and England. I am an artist, designer and educator and love to create something every day! I am currently the Editor in Chief of Interactive Artist Magazine ( http://www.InteractiveArtistMagazine.org )

When I became a military wife over 20 years ago I started making gifts for family and
friends as a way to save money.  One of the first things I painted were Japanese warrior
shirts using fabric paint and eventually started selling them at the base gift shop.  When we moved to Iceland, I painted ornaments, plates and mugs and sold them through the base USO.  When next stationed in England, I painted ornaments with English cottages, telephone boxes, local castles and village signs, selling them at the annual bazaars.  I also created unique ceramic pieces to accompany customers china sets.

In 2000, we moved to Nebraska and I saw Donna Dewberry and her One Stroke
painting method on PBS.   I attended my first certification to become a One Stroke
Certified Instructor (2005).  Since then I have received the following Certifications with
Dewberry Crafts (Level II, High Definition, Studio Home Dimensions, Professional
Home Specialist, OSCI Elite, and wOils).  In 2008, I became a Regional Trainer for Sculpey and their Studio line of products. In 2010 I became the first One Stroke
Master! For several years I had the honor of working closely with Donna Dewberry
developing education programs, creating designs and products.

I love learning new things that will make me a better artist and teacher.  My primary
medium is acrylics and oils on canvas, but I also paint decorative glassware, windows,
clothing, wall murals as well as creating with polymer clay.

I teach at National Painting Conventions and I’ve been teaching Decorative Painting in
both oils and acrylics, Polymer Clay, One Stroke, Kids/Teens Classes at Hobby Lobby in Warner Robins, Georgia since October 2006.  I also travel teach upon request. I am part of DecoArt’s Helping Artist Program. www.decoart.com

I’ve been published in Crafts N Things Magazine and Interactive Artist Magazine. I sell a variety of ePackets and products on my website at: www.sandymctierdesigns.com  3aday7 3adaytoshares3aday2

I hope you’ll take some time to check out my website as well as my blog – http://sandymctierdesigns.blogspot.com and my Facebook Page – http://www.facebook.com/SandyMcTierDesigns   I’m also on Twitter (Sandy McTier), Instagram, Pinterest, Linkden, and Google+

I feel so blessed to be able to share my passion for painting and creating with others!


Sandy McTier

Artist, Designer, National Instructor and Editor in Chief of Interactive Artist Magazine. Mom to three amazing boys and married to the greatest guy in the world!

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